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Dedicated to the TOTAL Doberman: in mind, in body and in temperament ..... since 1991

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Dawn with Paradise and Solitaire
Check out Mt Hood!
About Us
Active in the sport of purebred dogs since 1987, Ms Dawn D Danner CVT of Portland Oregon USA whelped her first litter of Doberman puppies under the Sunset prefix in 1991.  Breeding, on average, a litter about every other year has yielded a small yet successful breeding program. A litter is considered when we are ready to continue on with a bitch of equal or better quality than what we are already blessed with. Focusing on temperment, health  and structure,  our goal is simply to improve the breed through careful selection and evaluation of potential sires/dams resulting in quality of dogs - not quantity of litters. An individual's health status is obtained via complete health testing results including OFA ratings for hips/elbows, current echo/holter/genetic testing for heart, current blood profiles for thyroid/liver and Vet Gen DNA results for vWD.   


Professionally, Dawn graduated from Pacific University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology and a minor in chemistry. Dawn is a certified veterinary technician (CVT) at a busy small animal practice in SW Portland were she also heads the hospital as Practice Manager. She has been serving the community's veterinary needs since 1990!  She is Past President of Mount Hood Doberman Pinscher Club (MHDPC) and chairs the club's Holter monitor projects and biannual heart clinics to help stamp out DCM. Most recent studies suggest that about 50% of all Dobermans will pass from some form of DCM at some point in their lives. Dawn is also an approved DPCA mentor teaching new Doberman judges about the essence of Doberman breed type and structure.


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 Following her passions of health care and Dobermans, Dawn joined ALBA Medical's Veterinary Division to continue the promotion of canine Holter monitoring world wide thru private party ownership of units.  No Doberman should die a sudden unexpected death, and no owner should have to experience such an event.  Holter monitors record and report the abnormal electrical activity that causes sudden death/advancing cardio and are recommended to be used annually to start.  The Holter monitor is believed to be one of the earliest detection test available to date.
  Have a Heart................Holter 
Dawn is an AKC Judge ( #93357)  approved to judge Dobermans / Boxers and permit status for Akitas, Bullmastiffs,  Bernese Mountains Dogs, German Pinschers, Giant Schnauzers, Great Danes, Siberian Huskies, Tibetan Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, Pugs and Limited Juniors. She is a member of Mt Hood Doberman Pinscher Club (MHDPC), Tualatin Kennel Club (TKC), Oregon Dog Judges (ODJ),  Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA),  Dog Judges Association of America (DJAA), and part of Oregon's Veterinary Emergency Response Team (OVERT).
In short, dogs are her life and Dobermans are her passion. 
Judging the Doberman National in Brazil 2019
Judging just north of the US Boarder
Alberta Doberman Pinscher Club    Edmonton Canada August 2015
Best in Specialty Show 
Judge: Ms Dawn D Danner


                         IV Cath Placement                collection of sterile urine sample                      Polish and Fluoride treatment
 In her limited time as a "student" of the Doberman, Dawn and Sunset Dobermans has produced:
  •          17 AKC (American Kennel Club)  Champions (CH) of record and counting
  •        12 CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) Champions (CH) of record and counting
  •         Multi HIT (High in Trial) agility "Raji" and obedience dogs "Sophie" and "Nikon"
  •         Multi BISS (Best in Specialty Show) winner "Catch"
  •         DPCA Top Twenty contender 2009  "Catch"
  •         DPCA Top Twenty agility finalists 2000-2004 "Raji" 
  •         Multi DPCA ROM  (Register of Merit)  "CJ", "Paradise", "Ticket" and  "EVE"
  •         Multi titled agility/obedience dogs
  •         Multi Grand Prize Puppy/Veteran Sweepstakes winners
  •         Multi Specialty Best Puppy Winners
  •         Breed Winners and Group Placers both as class dogs and as specials
  •        AKC CH "Silhouette" completely finished breeder/owner/handled w/ 2 5pt majors  from BBE
  •        AKC CH DeJavu completely finished breeder owner handled with a BOB from the classes over specials onto Group 4
  •        AKC CH Eve completely finished breeder/owner/handled with both majors from BBE during Rose City Classic
  •          AKC CH Cross finished breeder/owner/handled with both majors during Rose City Classic 
  •          AKC CH Reggie First Dog Award of Merit at the DPCA National 2019
    • Watch for new rock star puppy "Checkers" to hit the ring late 2020
  •         ..........and many champions of the heart, cherished and much loved family companions. 

In the beginning with Chelsea, Dawn, and Cameron  1992
DPCA National 2015
Thank-you Pat Hastings and Nancy Dinkfelt for fueling my passion in Dobermans!
I could NOT have done it without YOU both!


Here's how we travel to shows........always in style 2000-2018

September 2018 gave us New Ford Transit  "Envy" 

Completely customized  for total canine comfort


If you're not sure it's us, look at the back window....